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Value of Radiation Therapy

The ROI is investing in research that demonstrates the value of technologies and interventions in radiation oncology. Such studies have the potential to generate the evidence needed to improve cancer outcomes while slowing the growth of health care spending.

Research Awards

Radiation Therapy and Patient-Centered Outcomes among Lung Cancer Patients

Christopher G. Slatore, MD, MS
VA Portland Health Care System 

Dr. Slatore and his team are conducting a comparative, mixed-method study to better understand the patient-centered outcomes associated with radiation therapy versus surgery for early stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC.) Learn more about Dr. Slatore's ROI funded work, including a list of publications and presentations and his additional research now being supported by the National Cancer Institute. 

Comparative Value of Transoral Surgery and Radiation for Oropharynx Cancer

David Jonathan Sher, MD, MPH
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Dr. Sher and his team are conducting parallel comparative effectiveness and cost comparison studies for early-stage and locally advanced oropharyngeal cancer using two large databases, SEER-Medicare and the HealthCore Integrated Research Database (HIRD). See additional details about Dr. Sher's ROI funded research

Economic Evaluation of SBRT Versus Surgery for Stage I NSCLC 

Anand Shah, MD, MPH
Columbia University

Dr. Shah and his team developed novel episode-based Medicare payment definitions for SBRT to treat patients with early stage NSCLC. Included in his study is an exploration of whether an academic versus nonacademic setting has an impact on the relative value of SBRT compared with surgery. Find out more about how Dr. Shah's ROI funded work could impact policy and payment. 

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