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Toxicity Management in Cancer Survivorship

AppLandingPageThe ROI is supporting the development of the RadOnc Toolbox, a new online resource to compile and categorize both acute and late radiation symptom management strategies and prioritize them by effectiveness and the levels of evidence that support them. Too often the management of treatment related symptoms involves the empiric administration of medications or therapies with limited evidence about their relative effectiveness. Because there is growing concern that the severity of acute radiation side effects may have a substantial impact on a patient's recovery and risk of late effects of therapy, improving practice for managing both acute and late toxicities is important.

ROI awarded Malolan S. Rajagopalan, MD, MBA, a grant to develop the RadOnc Toolbox app and website that includes:

  • Evidence-based interventions for managing and preventing 8 of the most common radiation-related toxicities. 
  • A dose conversion calculator.
  • A reference for prescribing commonly used medications.
  • Toxicity scales.
  • Performance status scales. 

The RadOnc Toolbox is now available at Look for it soon in the Apple App Store. A myASTRO log-in is required to access the medical content in the RadOnc Toolbox. 

For more information, contact Emily Connelly.