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Comparative Effectiveness Research

ROI has partnered with the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) in issuing RFP's in the area of Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER). These awards aim to develop comparative effectiveness research leaders within radiation oncology and to stimulate research focused on evaluating the effectiveness, complication profile, cost and cost-effectiveness of various radiation therapy treatments, as well as the comparative effectiveness when compared to other therapies. This research informs patients and providers with practical knowledge about which specific interventions within radiation oncology are most effective for specific clinical situations and patient populations. 

2013 Recipients: Karen Hoffman, MD, MHSc, MPH and Timothy Showalter, MD

2014 Recipients: James Murphy, MD and Benjamin Smith, MD

2015 Recipients: Mark Mishra, MD and Timothy Zagar, MD 

For more information, please contact Emily Connelly.