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Meet Our Researchers

  • The ROI has been making grants to researchers working to enhance the practice of radiation oncology and improve outcomes for cancer patients since 2012.

    • greer_400

      Peter Greer, PhD

      Dr. Greer and his team are developing the WatchDog system that determines treatment delivery accuracy for radiation therapy patients in real-time and can prevent mistreatment. Dr. Greer received ROI’s inaugural research award to conduct the team’s first clinical demonstration of the WatchDog system as part of the ROI’s safety and quality initiative.
    • martin_400

      Geoffrey Martin, MD

      Dr. Martin and his team are running a clinical trial to that uses smartphone-connected technology to monitor lung cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy. ROI awarded Dr. Martin an Innovative Projects in Radiation Oncology grant to investigate the correlation between patient reported outcomes, the continuous biometric monitoring via smartphones and the side effects of radiation therapy.
    • mcNutt_400

      Todd McNutt, PhD

      Dr. McNutt and his team are using big data and machine learning approaches to develop better predictive models for toxicities associated with head and neck cancer and to create a clinical decision support tool to help provide patients with more personalized care. The ROI is supporting Dr. McNutt’s groundbreaking work to stimulate this emerging field of research using big data to improve the safety and quality of radiation therapy.
    • ohri_400

      Nitin Ohri, MD

      Dr. Ohri and his team are conducting a randomized clinical trial to determine if giving patients daily customized step count goals as measured and guided through fitness trackers could improve patients’ ability to tolerate concurrent chemoradiotherapy. With an Innovative Projects in Radiation Oncology grant from ROI, Dr. Ohri is exploring whether this relatively simple intervention can reduce the number of missed treatments, decrease treatment-related toxicities and improve quality of life for cancer patients.
    • rajagopalan_400

      Malolan S. Rajagopalan, MD, MBA

      Dr. Rajagopalan developed the RadOnc Toolbox app and website that features evidence-based interventions for managing and preventing eight of the most common radiation-related toxicities and a number of other clinical tools. The ROI supported the development of the RadOnc Toolbox to provide practitioners with an evidence-based resource for toxicity management in order to improve outcomes for cancer patients and survivors.
    • shah_400

      Anand Shah, MD, MPH

      Dr. Shah and his team developed novel episode-based Medicare payment definitions for stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) to treat patients with early stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). As part of ROI’s value of radiation therapy initiative, Dr. Shah’s study included an exploration of whether an academic versus nonacademic setting has an impact on the relative value of SBRT compared with surgery.
    • sher_400

      David Sher, MD, MPH

      Dr. Sher and his team conducted parallel comparative effectiveness and cost comparison studies for early-stage and locally advanced oropharyngeal cancer using two large databases, SEER-Medicare and the HealthCore Integrated Research Database (HIRD). The results from Dr. Sher’s ROI-funded study will provide important evidence about the value of radiation therapy in the treatment of oropharyngeal cancer.
    • slatore_400

      Christopher Slatore, MD, MS

      Dr. Slatore and his team conducted a comparative, mixed-method study to better understand the patient-centered outcomes associated with radiation therapy versus surgery for early stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC.) Dr. Slatore's ROI-funded work on the value of radiation therapy for the treatment of lung cancer laid the groundwork for additional research now being supported by the National Cancer Institute.
    • voong_400

      K. Ranh Voong, MD, MPH

      Dr. Voong received the Outstanding Article Award in the 2017 ROI Value of RT Publication Awards in partnership with Advances in Radiation Oncology. She was honored for her work as the lead author on the manuscript titled, “Long-term Economic Value of Hypofractionated Prostate Radiation: Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Trial,” and received a grant to continue her research on the value of radiation therapy.